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Wyoming Estate

Wyoming Estate


This custom built 8,000 square foot estate, located next to to the infamous Teton mountain range in Jackson Hole Wyoming, captures the true essence of the classic log cabin home.


Stephen traveled to the site, which allowed him, among other things, to visit a local quarry and hand select the granite slabs and marble with the most vibrant, natural patterns. This was to ensure that the best attributes of the slabs were displayed properly on installation.


The home is equipped with an electronic home automation system, allowing one-touch access to all the lighting and window treatments.


The dining room chandelier, in its organic style, complements the homes natural surroundings.  The master bath vanity light spans a full 14 feet and was hand assembeled  on site.


The vast richness of Wyoming’s natural environment was captured in the custom area rugs placed throughout the home.  These area rugs were not only custom designed to match the specific color schemes but to bring the outdoors in.


Custom wall panels, hand carved from walnut and inlaid with stamped leather, were installed to accent the walls.