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Stephen Patrick
Lead Designer


Born and raised in both the fresh ocean air of Huntington Beach and the Central Coast of California, Stephen developed a love and appreciation for nature and architecture, having spent summer days on construction sites with his dad, where the smell of fresh-cut lumber has, and to this day, echoes progress and fuels his creativity. Stephen has a passion for, and is accomplished at, marrying the two, e.g., bringing the outdoors in. He triumphs by integrating plants, naturally shaped materials, fabrics, iron, wood, stone meandering rock paths within flooring, regardless of transitions from carpet to wood, stone or other, and water features into his designs.


Stephen has 30 years of professional experience in interior and exterior commercial and residential design and annual event planning/designing. He holds an Associate of Science in Business Administration and an Associate of Arts in Design and Fashion Merchandising, with ICD Interior Custom Design Certification from Atlanta, Georgia. To keep abreast of new products, designs, and technology, he travels extensively to Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, to Design Centers for product and education. Twice a year, he attends the Wor1d Market Center (“Market”) in Las Vegas, Nevada, for seminars, furniture, art, floor coverings, accessories, and new installments to the design trade. This Market, with over 2,000 manufactures, provides a unique cross-section of resources and sets the stage for the most current color palettes and design trends for the US and the world.


He attributes his company’s success on his ability to create or transform an environment to a client’s personal taste and style, inviting and comforting while staying within most budgets. Stephen presents his clients with a plethora of options that correlate with their budget. He has a natural sense of what goes with what, tastefully combining light and dark colors, smooth and rough-textured fabrics, and surfaces as cool as glass or as warm as wood and harmoniously mirrors the beauty and complexity of nature in his work.

Alex Flores
Apprentice Designer


Spending most of his life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the Central Coast, California, Alex joined us over a year ago and brought to the table his Latin America design influences and astounding uses of color and space.


Alex holds a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in Los Angeles, California.


He attributes his design style to his tropical and coastal upbringings. Alex puts great emphasis on using space adequately and responsibly, and he has a passion for color. Combining elements of Latin America and America, he produces an aesthetic that is open, lively and unique.